Windshield replacements are covered under comprehensive automobile insurance policies. In Massachusetts, most policies have full glass coverage with no deductible. Simply schedule an appointment and we’ll take care of everything for you.

No, we’re experts at verifying coverage and filing the claim. We’ll contact your insurance company and handle all the insurance paperwork associated with your claim.

Yes, we work with all insurance companies and agencies in Massachusetts. Click here to see the full list of insurance companies we serve.

Yes, we offer a warranty on our products and workmanship that is good for as long as you own or lease your vehicle.

Most insurance policies in Massachusetts do not have deductibles on glass. If for some reason you do have a deductible on glass, we will discuss all the details with you before the work is performed.

No, a cracked windshield is usually not your fault. It’s what the insurance companies refer to as a “no-fault” claim, and as such won’t raise your premiums.

We guarantee our work for as long as you own or lease your vehicle. If you have any concerns, please contact us immediately by calling 833-OK-ALLSTATE or sending us an email at [email protected].

Extreme temperatures can cause existing small cracks and chips to spread and further compromise the integrity of the glass, and therefore your safety. That’s why you should repair any glass damage as soon as it occurs.

Your windshield is part of your vehicle’s safety system. It helps support the vehicle’s roof and  keeps the airbags inside the car if they are deployed upon impact.

A windshield repair is less time consuming and your vehicle will be safe to drive right away.  A repair is also a less expensive alternative to a full replacement.  Injecting a clear resin into the damaged area can repair chips, up to the size of a quarter, and cracks, up to six inches long.  When the resin cures, you can barely detect where the damage was.

At Allstate Auto Glass, we maintain a large windshield inventory that spans more than 300 of the models used in the most popular vehicles on the road today. Because we most likely have the windshield for your vehicle in stock, you won’t experience a longer wait time for your replacement to be scheduled.

Your vehicle has been built to help protect you in the event of an accident. All repair work done to your car is regulated by Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) to ensure that all parts and their installation meet the performance requirements that contribute to your safety. This includes all auto glass repairs and replacements.

Your windshield also supports the inflation and performance of passenger side airbags. The passenger side airbag deploys upward and off the windshield at speeds up to 200 mph. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards require adhesives to be nearly six times stronger for cars with passenger side airbags. At Allstate Auto Glass, we use only the highest quality premium adhesive.