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Quality Rear Windshield Installations

We’ve been replacing rear windows for over 30 years. Rear Windshields are different on many types of cars, particularly newer ones. We install the best quality rear windshield available for your vehicle despite age or whether foreign or domestic, car or truck. Quality glass and precise measuring by our qualified technicians guarantees the right fit and secureness in your vehicle. Our Installation process uses the newest and best technology, OEM products and exceeds safety standards.

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We Are Rear Windshield Replacement Experts

Rear Windshields are an important feature in your car and are manufactured differently than the front windshields. Our technicians are experts at rear windshield installations.

Your rear windshield has a different function than the rest of your vehicle’s windows. Obviously, it’s important for it to be clear to see out of but it also contains the electric elements to keep it fog and ice free. Even the smallest crack may cause damage to the defogging and defrosting device so it’s important to have the rear windshield repaired quickly. Our certified technicians are highly trained to replace rear windshields of all types and make sure all the connections to keep rain and ice off your window are working properly. If your rear window has shattered, don’t worry. We expertly clean up all those shattered glass pieces that get into the corners and cushions in of your vehicle. Trying to clean the broken glass yourself may lead to injury.

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Convenient Mobile Service – On Your Schedule.

“Right to your car, wherever you are.”

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Your safety is our priority, and so is your time. We’ve got specially equipped mobile service vans that will come to you when you need auto glass service. Our certified technicians will perform your rear windshield replacement right in your driveway or parking lot. There is no compromise in quality with Allstate Auto Glass mobile service. You always get the same attention to detail and excellent customer service from our auto glass experts.

One Call Does it All

If you have comprehensive coverage as part of your auto insurance policy, in most cases rear windshield replacements are covered. We’ll contact your insurance company and handle the paperwork so you won’t have to wait on hold to file the claim. Our customer service representatives are auto insurance experts and are familiar with all the requirements of every carrier. And the best news of all, Allstate Auto Glass is approved by all carriers, so our claims don’t get rejected.

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We’ve Got the Glass in Stock

At Allstate Auto Glass, we maintain a large rear windshield inventory that spans more than 300 of the models used in the most popular vehicles on the road today. Because we most likely have the rear windshield for your vehicle in stock, you won’t experience a longer wait time for your replacement.

Our Warranty Guarantee

Allstate Auto Glass will guarantee all parts and workmanship to be free from defects for as long as you own the vehicle. Your complete satisfaction and peace of mind is our number one goal.

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