The Village Glassmith | Massachusetts | Allstate Auto Glass

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If you’re wondering why our name and website look a bit different, it’s because we’re now a part of Allstate Auto Glass. We couldn’t be more excited to start this new chapter with a fellow locally-owned business that we can trust with our history of top-notch auto glass repair services and loyal customers.
The Village Glassmith | Massachusetts | Allstate Auto Glass

If you’ve worked with The Village Glassmith in the past, we’re sure you know that with 40+ years of experience under our belts, there was never an auto glass problem we couldn’t solve. And the good news is that we can say the same about Allstate Auto Glass. They offer a wide range of services, from windshield replacements and mobile repairs to ADAS calibrations. Their auto glass experts service the same areas we did in Massachusetts, including Needam, Wellesley, Framingham, Newton, and the Metro West Boston area and beyond.

We can guarantee they will provide you with the same level of satisfaction and quality service as our team did over the years. And while we’ll certainly miss all our amazing clients, we’re proud to say you’re in safe hands with Allstate Auto Glass. Click here to learn more about Allstate Auto Glass.