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Your windshield is the first point of safety for you and your passengers.

A new and damage-free windshield replacement not only allows you to see clearly but also protects you from the elements. Windshields are an important safety feature of automobiles and are designed to keep occupants safe in the event of an accident or rollover. Technology in windshield replacement means we can offer same-day appointments, and get the best quality OEM parts installed in an hour. A correct windshield replacement requires knowledgeable, experienced and certified technicians who know that while you see a windshield, they see a key safety feature that keeps the structure of your vehicle intact. Our certified glass technicians have a minimum of 12 years’ experience and execute a professional, personalized and perfect fit of your windshield. Your rearview mirror and stickers will be expertly transferred to the new windshield. The quality of a Windshield and installation matters. We install the best quality windshield available for your vehicle despite age or whether foreign or domestic, car or truck. Quality glass and precise measuring guarantee the right fit and secureness in your vehicle. Our Installation process uses the newest and best technology, OEM products and safety requirements to exceed your expectations. In addition to safety, we guarantee no leaks or excess road noise using our heat cured sealing method. Our technicians follow the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards for all windshield replacements.

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The car glass window in your vehicle is manufactured very differently than your front windshield. They are typically made with tempered glass and require experienced glass technicians to clean and replace them correctly to ensure safety. Unfortunately, when one of the other windows in your car become broken it requires more than just a repair. Glass windows with cracks and chips are a safety hazard and need to be replaced quickly. When these side windows break they are constructed in the way that they break into millions of tiny pieces to reduce injury. Our team will first assess the damage and what new windows are necessary and then they will vacuum and clean up all those tiny pieces to keep you and your passengers from getting injured. Our technicians are skilled at changing those smaller and multi sized windows often found in minivans and RV’s. Our special heat cured sealing makes sure we get a perfect fit on all of your windows.

Rear Windshield Replacement Services MA

Rear Windshields are an important feature in your car and are manufactured differently than the front windshields. Our technicians are experts at rear windshield installations. Your rear windshield has a different function than the rest of your vehicle’s windows. Obviously, it’s important for it to be clear to see out of but it also contains the electric elements to keep it fog and ice free. Even the smallest crack may cause damage to the defogging and defrosting device so it’s important to have the rear windshield repaired quickly. We are highly trained to replace rear windshields of all types and make sure all the connections to keep rain and ice off your window are working properly. A proper rear windshield replacement requires knowledgeable, experienced and certified technicians who know that while you see a windshield, they see a key safety feature that helps keeps the structure of your vehicle intact. If your rear window has shattered, don’t worry. We expertly clean up all those broken glass pieces that get into the corners and cushions in of your vehicle.

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We think windshield repair, before replace. Not every damaged windshield requires a replacement. Our experienced technicians are trained to assess each damaged windshield to determine if it can be repaired first instead of replaced. We know cost is an important factor to our customers and we will always try to do a windshield repair first if it can be done within safety standards. Windshield repair can be done on any type of vehicle despite its size or type. Catchy pricing and do it yourself kits are not an alternative to trained qualified technicians who put your safety first. A small crack or chip away from the edges of the windshield can typically be repaired with our special resin and polishing technique. A repair is not only less costly than a replacement but it also keeps the original factory sealed edges intact. Technology in windshield manufacturing and state of the art repair techniques can make your damaged windshield just like new again. A repaired windshield is safe and secure when done right. When our technicians apply their knowledge and skills the damage is repaired and clarity is back to its original standard.

We’ll come to you!

Your safety is important, and so is your time. In addition to providing top quality repair and replacement services in our shop, we can also bring our experience to you, literally. Our state of the art installation process and large inventory allows us to bring our equipment to your home, office or wherever you choose and do on the spot replacement regardless of what type of vehicle you drive. As part of our exemplary customer service, whether in the shop or at your location we will take care of filing your insurance paperwork so you can go on with your day. And don’t worry about being stuck with the old windshield. We will happily keep or take that with us so and dispose of it properly.


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